Terms and conditions

Area of application

These general conditions of sale and delivery are valid for the entire range of products sold by STE Canora 2011 SL and are an integral part of all sales contracts, whatever the embodiment of it.

These conditions of sale and delivery shall also apply to all future business with the buyer, ie for the supply of goods and, in a broader sense, also for the provision of services.

Offers / Orders

Our offers are subject to confirmation. The information contained in catalogs, website, leaflets and the like as well as other information provided in writing or verbally are only determining when they are expressly mentioned in the order confirmation.

All orders received require for their validity confirmation thereof. STE Canora 2011 SL reserves the right to refuse certain orders.

Our prices are quoted in origin and refers to the time of order. However STE Canora 2011 SL reserves the right to adjust the prices in case of increases in production costs to make delivery, which will be duly communicated.

Payment Terms / Prices

Our prices do not include taxes of all types and apply appropriate transport costs, except in cases where it is expressly agreed and so indicated.

Any discount, price reduction and / or other rebates require a special written agreement.

The purchase price must be paid within the period specified on the invoice is issued or depending on the conditions expressly agreed for each sale. In case of delay, it may claim interest on late payments by the maximum legally permitted.

Limitation of Liability and Warranty

The warranty period for delivery of new goods, free of physical or legal defects is three months and begins at the moment of delivery to the buyer. Any rights must reach us immediately written statement after its discovery, the visible damage to the maximum within 3 days after delivery. The claim for damages suffered by the deve transport be notified at the time of the receipt of the goods by the recipient, both the carrier removed from its documentation as we are, being STE Canora 2011 SL free of responsibility for this Indeed, falling the reponsabilidad about the company that has delivered the goods. Otherwise, the right to claim under warranty is excluded. If vending machines and coin-changing machines tickets, all responsibility for the detection and separation without exceptions of counterfeits and types of money low value is rejected, as well as acceptance without modification of authentic pieces by the verifier coins and genuine banknotes by the bill validator. The correction of any defects is done in our facilities. If repairs at the installation site, the costs incurred will be billed.

There is no obligation to warranty when the defect is due to improper use. Also excluded from the guarantee all products and components that have not been installed or assembled by STE CANORA 2011 SL. Likewise rights under warranty will be canceled if the buyer difficult or impossible to carry out repairs, particularly if we maliciously prevents access to the faulty machine on the date and time agreed.

The machines used, recycled (VR) are provided under exclusion of any warranty claims.

To the extent we should respond to a defect, the buyer will initially only be entitled to remedy (repair or replacement delivery). The choice of remedy is at the discretion of STE Canora 2011 SL. The burden of proof of damage will be suspended buyer.

The buyer may only claim additional rights when the remedy is impossible or if the correction is not carried out within a reasonable time after receipt of a written warning buyer in time and manner.

the transfer of warranty claims to third parties is not allowed.

No one is authorized to change the terms of this warranty or extend any either written or verbal on behalf of STE Canora 2011 SL manner.

To the extent not otherwise appropriate, excluded all client rights to compensation of any kind for indirect or consequential damages or reimbursement of expenses. This disclaimer extends to all breaches of the relationship of debt and not allowed, also in the case of use of auxiliary personnel actions.

The exclusion of liability does not apply to cases where there is gross negligence or willful misconduct on our part and / or have breached important contractual conditions thereby putting in danger the purpose of the contract.

To the extent that there is a breach of important contractual obligations, our liability for damages is limited to the amount of the value of the corresponding order. If the order value does not correspond with the typically foreseeable damages, compensation for damages will be limited in amount to the typical foreseeable damage.

The exclusion of liability does not apply to claims under the product liability law, damages for injury to life, body or health, as well as the assumption of guarantees.

We assume no liability for material, property or personal injury of any kind, manipulative caused by unauthorized intervention of third parties, either by technical intervention or inappropriate or improper driving and holding the game.

Assistance and jurisdiction

In all relations with STE Canora 2011 SL or related to product sold governed the Spanish Law.

Sevilla October 9, 2016