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Macarena Salon

The AllWin model is the first GiGames brand multigame, with double video screen. It lands to continue promoting the “New Hospitality” concept together with the already well-known NOVO LINE Power Cash and Impera Cash, both NOVOMATIC machines.
What are the GiGames AllWin machine games?
In it, you can enjoy 4 traditional games (credits + bonuses); the classic Woonsters, the hit model launched for the mixed machine, Crazy Penguins, the special game Chef Cucumber and the novelty Secrets of Angkor. The highlight of these AllWin games is the ability to play with bonuses and share them with each other, regardless of the game in which they were obtained.
The first piece of furniture selected for the AllWin machine is the Winner HD, with distinguished red LED lighting, which varies depending on the game in which we find ourselves. Its HD graphics are not far behind, which stand out even more on its 27-inch screen. Its powerful lighting, together with surround sound, will transport the user through the different locations of their games. After a good start, and due to its good reception, it is also possible to install the product on Slant Top and Minimat furniture.

furniture type :  Slan Top

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