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The big news for the hospitality industry has arrived with GUAYKIKI, the new NOVOMATIC game.

It is a mixed machine, video-roller, which incorporates a worldwide novel technology, the NOVO SMART GLASS TECHNOLOGY. In two of the bonus games that take place on the mechanical rollers, an electronic curtain has been added to hide them, giving the feeling of having made the rollers disappear. This allows endless possibilities to create new experiences for the player that make him enjoy the game to the fullest.
At the top the machine has 5 very entertaining games, such as the PINCHA AWARDS where a diver shoots a harpoon and the objective is to catch as many fish or chests as possible before the game time runs out.
In general, the GUAYKIKI machine is a safe bet for the hospitality industry, since it combines the basic elements of a mixed machine with innovative technology that offers surprising appeal.

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